Youth Rising 2018

The year 2018 was an exciting one for Youth Rising as we were all about creating platforms and opportunities for young people to ignite the change they wanted to see in their lives and their communities.

In this report, we highlight major programmatic activities and key events of the year and take you on a journey to learn about the humans of Youth Rising and all the things they were able to accomplish in 2018. The success stories in this document not only share how much young people were able to achieve in the year but also speaks volumes on their resilience, determination, and courage to turn around their lives and dream of a better future.

From January to December 2018, Youth Rising engaged young people, women, and children in Kampala, Mukono, and Kitende (Wakiso District) in several programmatic activities. These included the PIVOT program, a vocational and technical skills program that involves short term learning activities and a 12-month certification course. In the course of the year, 121 youth participated in the PIVOT program, with 82 youth completing short term programs  (1 – 3 months) and 39 youth finalizing a 12-month certification program.

You will also learn that we launched 2 new centers including Youth Rising Kitende and Youth Rising Mukono, held the African Nonprofit Leadership Academy that brought 25 nonprofit leaders from over 6 countries to learn new skills and techniques in nonprofit leadership. And our work with 1600 MasterCard Foundation Scholars at BRAC Uganda, several youth community events, financial reports, and our plans for 2019.


Direct Reach

Youth and women reached through our programs and outreach/consulting activities.

PIVOT Program

Youth completed different vocational courses throughout the year. 68% reported being employed, 5% have their own businesses.

Care Clinics

Cases seen and treated at Youth Rising Care Clinic, Mukono, with Malaria accounting for most of the cases.

Literacy for Life

Children participated in reading, fun and playing activities through the year at YR Kitende and Mukono.

Youth Health Ambassadors Program 2018

Youth Health Ambassadors Program (YOHAP) is a six week intensive program that trains young people as facilitators that then run monthly emotional safety camps with an edutainment approach of sports, music, dance and peer education to mobilize young people in rural Uganda to push back on Sexual Reproductive Health challenges, HIV/AIDS and Gender inequality.

The goal of this project is to place young people at the forefront of change and development through creating safe spaces that foster inclusiveness using a positive rights-based approach. From October 2018 to March 2019, The Youth Health Ambassadors Health Program trained a group of 30 youth health ambassadors and tasked them with a goal of creating safe spaces within their communities, hold community outreaches and a Youth Health Gala. Through such events, fellow
young people came together to interact and learn about Sexual Reproductive Health, Gender issues and HIV/AIDS with fellow community youth.

The project reached and trained 30 Youth Health Ambassadors who in turn organized 9
independent safe space trainings reaching 1010 fellow youth with information on Sexual
Reproductive Health and rights, distributed 3832 condoms and organized one major youth health gala event that reached 300 people and 179 people participated in voluntary HIV/AIDs counseling and testing.

Youth Ambassadors

Youth Health Ambassadors trained on adolescent reproductive health and mental health, who in turn organized 9 independent training meetings.

Community Outreach

Youth reached by ambassadors with information on Sexual Reproductive Health and rights, during independently organized meetings.


Condoms that have were distributed by ambassadors during their independently organized outreaches.

HIV/AIDS Testing

People participated in voluntary HIV/AIDs counselling and testing during the Youth Health Gala.

Youth in Action Impact Report 2016-2017

In Kawempe Division, young people face higher-than-average rates of HIV/AIDs, teenage pregnancy, early marriage and substance abuse coupled with limited educational and economic opportunities. Many youth are non-schooling and/or unemployed and instead turn to risky behaviors and crime, such as theft and prostitution to sustain their livelihoods.

As you’ll discover in this report, the stories of young people like Nalugga Caroline (pg. 13), Mutesi Dorothy (pg. 7) and Wafula Richard (pg. 17), are testaments to this unfortunate reality. They demonstrate, however, that with consistent access to the right resources and positive role models anyone’s reality can change for the better.

At Youth Rising, we believe that the resiliency, creativity and innovation of these very same young people in hardship can power community transformation. Our all-in-one community center employs a 360-degree, ecosystems approach to human development, which brings youth together and fosters the disruptive thinking needed to spark and sustain positive change.

Our efforts are made possible by our youth-2-youth (Y2Y), service-learning model, which positions eager young professionals to be nurtured and gain career-related experience within a learning organization. As a volunteer, they have the opportunity to mentor their near-peers in life skills, a range of vocational trades and business development.

As we energetically move forward in our second year in Kawempe, we also seek to scale-up our efforts by establishing community centers. In 2018, we are excited to establish our second location in Salaama Village, Mukono District. As we continue to expand, we call on you to support our efforts by volunteering your time or making a donation.

Direct Reach

Youth and women reached through our programs, partnerships, outreach and consulting activities.

Community Outreaches

Young people that participated in Youth Rising’s PIVOT program in both short-term and long-term courses. 73% reported being in employment while 15% are self-employed.

Youth Ambassadors

Youth health ambassadors trained in sexual reproductive and mental health. 10 community health outreaches conducted across Kawempe Division distributing 9,284 condoms.


People reached through 10 community edutainment events organized by 30 Music, Dance, and Drama Youth to bring awareness on key community challenges.


What Our Donors Over the World Are Saying

You do a wonderful job with the kids that require our help and support the people in need all over the globe. I will definitely join you as a volunteer!

Lorraine Franklin

It's always a pleasure to work with these guys - they know what they want and that is why they achieve their goals. Thanks a lot for the team spirit and your work!

Brett Lewis

Your performance under the most trying circumstances was nothing less than exemplary. You are the sole reason our rescue mission actually happened! Cannot thank you enough.

Dianna Young